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  1. David Lang says:

    I’m surprised that Baen doesn’t show up here.

    The fact that they have been selling e-books direct will mean that they aren’t going to have as high a profile on Amazon e-books, but they should show up on the p-book lists.

    They use S&S as their printer/distributor, but I would expect the imprint lists to show them.

    • Rocky W. says:

      I was purchasing from Baen (ebooks) back before they completely changed their marketing structure (and prices) several years ago. I’ve pretty much ignored Baen since then. I’m sure I’m not the only customer who bailed on them then. But, yeah, I would think Baen would have a significant presence in any stats on SF&F sales.

      • Felix J. Torres says:

        I haven’t bailed on BAEN.
        I still buy their monthly bundles religiously.
        The availability of the bundles changed but not the pricing. You still get 4-5 new releases for $18. (Depending on how long you’ve been buying from them.) Which is to they are well within the sweet spot for ebook sales. And they do surface new writers with some regularity, albeit less than before since some of their “new”authors are established veterans.

        I hope they are doing well; they’ve treated ebook readers well over the decades.

  2. Since releasing the first tentative volumes of the Future Chronicles SF&F anthology series, and seeing them rise to the top of the lists, I’ve had the gut feeling that something like this was true… but now you’ve put numbers on it. Thanks for sharing… amazing work!

  3. I don’t know why anyone would be surprised that SFF readers would be ebook adopters. Someone who has been reading about future technology and/or magic is the perfect audience for electronic delivery, whether text or audio.

  4. Wow! What great information for us Indie authors. It’s nice to see that book sales aren’t declining in my favorite genres. This chart also provides great insight as to what genres and subgenres are really selling right now, so it’s helpful when determining what my next book series might be, or where to focus marketing on my current ones. Thanks a bunch! I’m sharing on my Arwen Chandler author page on Facebook because I think this information needs to be shared. Thanks again!


  5. Echoing others’ surprise at not seeing Baen listed specifically among trad publishers. They’ve been a solid market for first-novelists for decades; they publish military SF in quantity and both urban and epic fantasy in quantity. They were early into the e-book market, ahead of the pack. They’re not the Big Five, but they should be well up in the listings.

  6. Lubert Das says:

    The big publishers, to my perception, have abandoned traditional SF readers and have been pushing books with a hard SJW agenda. Readers who don’t care for that have for the most part rejected the big publishers and most of their books for an outlet that is selling a product they enjoy reading.

    10 years ago I rarely bought e-books or audiobooks. Today it’s the opposite. I rarely purchase a book “on dead tree” when I can get an e-book version or an audiobook.

    The product the big publishers are serving has changed, and I, and a lot of others no longer care for their product.

    Fortunately e-books and audiobooks provide us with an alternative.

  7. Tony says:

    I’d love to see data about word counts for indie SF&F and corresponding sales.

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