2018 Digital Book World Keynote Presentation

2018 SFWA Nebula Conference Presentation

2016 Romance Writers of America RWA PAN Presentation

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AuthorEarnings Methodology


A May 2016 look at Big Five ebook pricing

In May, the ebook prices of the Big Five’s most-heavily-promoted frontlist launches were still largely in the $12.99–$14.99 range. But once you move past that visible tip of the iceberg, a broader look at the prices of all 157,000 Big Five ebooks in our May dataset revealed a significant shift. The average price of a Big Five ebook had dropped from $10.31 in […]

2016 Digital Book World Keynote Presentation

Download the presentation (.pdf)

Calculating Indie Author Earnings under KU 2.0

When the pagecount-based Kindle Unlimited 2.0 compensation method was first announced, we were initially worried about our ability to model it accurately in our Author Earnings reports. But it actually turned out to be less of a problem than anticipated, because when Amazon announced the total number of Kindle Equivalent Normalized Pages (KENP) read in July […]

The Effects of the Amazon-Hachette Negotiations

A lot of ink is being spilled over the ongoing negotiations between Amazon and Hachette. Neither company has said anything publicly to indicate what exactly is being negotiated, though Hachette has said they are fulfilling orders in a timely manner, and Amazon has issued a statement that indicates there is no end in sight… and […]

Note on methodology

A frequent question in the comments is: How were books classified as “Indie-Published,”  “Small/Medium Publisher,” “Amazon Imprint Published,” “Big Five Published,” or “Uncategorized Single-Author Publisher”? Here’s how: 1) The Big-5 Published books were easy to separate out, no matter what imprint they were published under, by checking the “Sold By” line in the Amazon Product […]

ACX Lowers Royalty Rates

In a disturbing move that caused an eruption among self-published authors, Amazon’s ACX division has announced a reduction and simplification of royalty rates. Rates that previously started at 50% and escalated to 90% have been reduced to a flat 40%. All of these rates were for their exclusive agreements, which kept audiobooks at Audible, Amazon, […]

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