Peter Moore Predicts Digital Game Revenue Will Outstrip Retail

More signs of digital disruption in the entertainment industries. Peter Moore discusses how EA has adjusted its approach to marketing and now sees the gamer as their customer, not retail outlets: The online environment has been incredibly valuable to EA in building a direct customer relationship. Moore said that EA’s customers used to be the […]

Why the site crashed

I think this site’s visitor count for the first three days say it all: 49,035 Here are maps of how many visitors came from each state…   …and each country.   Always nice when a few friends from all over drop in to say hi.  

Bookscan Report – Print vs Digital – 2014-02-14

In our initial Author Earnings report, we revealed some amazing data on the health of self-publishing on Amazon [link]. We included several caveats that this was only a look at Amazon, as there’s simply too much to discuss about publishing today without tackling it in bite-sized chunks. Today we’re bringing print into the mix, as […]

Genre Breakdown – 50K Titles – 2014-02-12

In case the first report is thought to be limited by the sample size (though the top 7,000 bestselling genre titles in any given day is quite a pool), here is a look at the top 50,000 overall titles on the Amazon Kindle store, regardless of genre:

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